Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photoshop Painting-a-Go!

So. I have always wanted to learn how to paint in Photoshop. Something like Gordon Bukvic's three pieces off his website
They are all so beautiful and when I look at these and other Photoshop paintings, I am at a loss for where he would even start (other than a sketch of course). There is no lighting in PS. After having to light in Maya in my current class, I have become accustomed to placing lights where I want them. The idea of creating light from mere color or even choosing a different color to display a highlight is baffling to me. I cannot exactly wrap my head around it but I aim to try.

I was pointed in the direction of the tutorials at and I have started using the lessons involved with actually painting. I skipped the pressure sensitivity and keyboard shortcut tutorials.
The top layer was an example by the teacher, and below are my attempts at color mixing. We could only sample from the colors on the far ends of each color swatch to create the color in the middle, then we can only sample from one end and the middle to create the 2nd and 4th colors. So for example, with the blue I could only sample from the darkest and lightest blue to create the middle blue. After I feel I have gotten the middle blue pretty close, I try to create the 2nd darkest blue by sampling only from the darkest blue and middle blue. I think I did pretty alright, my colors may not be that solid but it is merely a learning exercise and I'm super excited to continue with this in my free time.

Argh, so good.

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