Thursday, September 30, 2010

Progress on Screen Design

Have a new test. I need to reshoot it because I have just been editing the same file to save time. Therefore some of the camera is off and it makes it look like garbage, haha.

The camera movement after the character jumps out the window Eh is really the only way I can describe it. I think it needs to be smoother. The frames in the beginning are more spread out and account for faster movement and then I slowed down toward the end. I must have thought when I was looking at my key frames (Key Frames are important frames that help move your animation along) that it was too big a jump, so I put the first 2 key frames 10 frames apart, and the second and third key frame 20 frames apart which accounts for the slower movement.

My professor told me that as it was now, the fence at the end would be enormous the way I drew it, accounting for perspective. I thought that was funny because i didn't really think about it until he pointed it out, and he is absolutely right. The other thing he pointed out was that the carrot should get smaller as it goes out the window and I agree.

Overall that is what I have at the moment.

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