Monday, March 1, 2010

Preston Blair Pg. 2

Hi everybody! I am typing this with icicle fingers. I decided to walk home from the animation building today, and the weather decided to make me regret it. Also, I enjoy the taste of Flintstones vitamins. I think perhaps grape might be my favorite flavor, even though with most fruit flavored things, cherry is. Hm...interesting.

Also, I finished page 2 of Preston Blair's book 'Animation!'. I think these are alright, I think that I did better on the first page, probably because I thought I was a hot shot who moved on to page 2 and I didn't need to go slow (although for the most part i did). turns out I am not a hot shot, but I did finish page 2, and so far I don't have page 3 so I need to look for that.

Adventure awaits!

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