Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beginning Animations

I haven't posted in a while. I suppose I have been taking a break for a bit, but I am back to practicing, so that's good! I had a spring break where I went home and I saw a bunch of familiar faces. I have been back to school for a week, and I've had my first couple 'Animation I' classes. Our first assignment is to animate a bouncing ball (Tennis Ball and Bowling Ball). Below was my very first attempt at animating a bouncing ball. It is my first paper animation ever, and even though it is not the best, it is special to me.

The above animation clearly has a lot of problems such as size and timing. I tried to go back and fix the size issues. I re-shot it and it didn't come out because of the lighting in the room. I decided that instead of confusing myself with substituting frames, fixing mistakes and matching them to other small mistakes, I would just redo the whole thing. Throw it out, start from scratch. This is my result below.

Finally, the other half of our assignment is bouncing a Bowling Ball. I started doing this towards the end of my work session today, and I was getting tired and restless. It looks alright I think. There are some clear problems with some of the frames that I redrew, but I did not feel like re-shooting the animation tonight. I will fix and tweak it up tomorrow, and if I feel like it I may redo the bowling ball depending on if I can fix the problems well enough. Bowling Ball below.

I have put Preston Blair on pause a bit. I really need to start on that third page, however this animation takes up a lot of my time. I was in the studio for 8 hours today. (People tell me that is what the job description entails). So be it.

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