Saturday, April 10, 2010

9-5 is not what the future holds.

I have been very busy at the animation building lately. Plugging in around 8 hours of work on assignments i care a great deal about, and then coming home and studying for tests i care nothing about (the curse of an art student). Of course, it is extremely interesting to see the progression of art in my Art History class, I just don't care for tests. (Does anyone?)

Anyway, this past weekend I have been having to animate a waving flag, and a bean bag who goes through all sorts of various animations.

This is my waving flag. I really enjoy it. It was very difficult to get the length of the animation up to the 4 second mark due to the nature of my flag. The wind seems to be a gentle breeze strong enough to pick it up as it does in the beginning of the animation. Then it falls back due to gravity, and the follow through happens. 96 frames (48 Drawings) is how long 4 seconds is, and because my flag has minimal movement it was difficult to get it to last that long, but I did.

Edit: Blogger compresses those files so that they are very hard to see. I'm sorry. Try your best. I will try darkening in my lines but in the meantime try to make do.

The bean bag animation is not even close to being done. It goes a bit fast and the fall is not very noticeable. I need to add a frame before the anticipation of the fall, and the splat itself. I have also been mulling over whether he should flail his little tassels, or hold a pose and slowly tilt towards the ground until he falls over. Regardless, tomorrow will be another long day, but each day is a learning process and that is something to keep in mind.

Edit 2: I forgot to mention I received a 94 on the bouncing and bowling balls, and then i submitted the redo for a grade of 100. I wonder if my picture is listen in the dictionary under over achiever.

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  1. Overachiever classifications are reserved for people with lesser degrees of talent.