Sunday, February 28, 2010

Self Portrait (WIP) & Portfolio Pages

I am applying for an internship near my hometown, and I have been working with the career center at SCAD to set up sample works to show them. These are two pages I have been working on, to create a uniform layout that they can recognize as mine, as well as also develop as a portfolio. Also, you can see some of the work I did last quarter in my Drawing II class, and some of my sketchbook drawings.

For my Life Drawing class we are instructed to do a self portrait with charcoal. So far (WIP) I think it looks alright. I think it looked better as a contour drawing, but I still need to re address the lips. They are too black, but that is just so i do not loose the edge, while rendering, and the upper lip is shifted a bit. The eyes got a little lost in the rendering, so I will have to try to push contrast to get them more apparent, and i think the jaw area is a bit off, not as centered. I think the hair may be a bit too tall on the top, but it is however a WIP, so that's okay :)

Also, not having a digital camera or scanner is very annoying.

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